Challenging Toe and Knee Balancing Postures 8-29-2016

A few poses from last weeks sequence...

  • 'Balancing Hero' - The right foot is crossed under so both gluteal muscles rest onto the foot, left leg is lifted! 
  • 'Tiptoe Balance' - The toes on the left foot are pressing into the floor and the heel presses into the left glutes, the left knee stays on the floor and the right leg is lifted. 
  • 'Straight Leg Toe Stand' - This is one of the most advanced standing balancing postures in Yoga asana. Sit directly in the center of the left heel, lift the left knee, then lift the right leg. 
Before attempting any of these poses make sure you are warmed up and please go very slowly into each one of these. If you have any knee issues you should pass on these.

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