Final Sunday Yoga Class at Tellepsen YMCA 8-28-2016

This was our last Sunday session together!

Thank you all for sharing your Sunday's with me over the past year practicing Yoga together. It has been a wonderful experience for me and sincerely, I bow to all of you!

From now on, I am leaving this class to another instructor. I have thought about this for months and it has not been easy to give up, especially with the fantastic participation, almost every class had 35-40 dedicated students. My only reason to leave is that I am now able to take one day off. I know that the next teacher will be excellent and I encourage those of you who regularly attended this class to be steady with your Sunday routine. I will continue teaching at Tellepsen YMCA, so check the schedule for 'Nicholas' in the yoga room.

Thanks for the support! Namaste!