Twisted Bound Locust and Single Leg Locust 9-19-2016

A few Yoga postures from my classes last week...
  • 'Single Leg Locust' - Definitely one of my favorite postures. Start on the stomach, kick one leg up, the other leg acts like a kickstand, this is a bit intense so go slow. If you can, aim to get the supporting foot onto the extended legs quadriceps, just above the knee, breathe. 
  • 'Bound Twisted Locust' - From 'Single Leg Locust' bend the extended knee and carefully lower it towards the floor (even more intense than the first pose), now reach back for the foot grab, making the bind. Once bound, turn your head away from the legs to complete the twist. 
  • 'Bound Locust' - Same as 'Bound Twisted Locust' but without the twist, and more engagement from the binding arm by pulling the heel toward your back. Before attempting any of these poses make sure you are warmed up and please go very slowly into each one of these. Make sure you do both sides to balance yourself out!
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