Hatha Yoga at Discovery Green Conservancy 10-1-2016

Today was an exceptional Hatha Yoga class at Discovery Green Conservancy! We had perfect weather and blue skies. Thanks to all who joined, I appreciate your dedication. Here I revealed one of my favorite aspects of a Yoga class, that is, we all may seem different, coming from unique cultures and heritages, yet in meditation, we all join together and become still, as one.

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra covered 2.1: Today we opened book 2 of 4. In this part of the book we will discuss how to remove tensions in life, intuition, awareness, and Patanjali reveals the first 5 of the 8 limbs of Yoga. The first reading reveals Kriya Yoga, which is practical yoga. There are 3 main keys to this practice.
  1. Self Purification (through physical movements, breathing techniques, intentional hand positions, internal engagement, concentration, and non-violence) 
  2. Self-Observation (Viewing every aspect of our consciousness) 
  3. Evolving Self Awareness (uniting with our inner consciousness) 
Please join us! Every Saturday from 9 - 10am in downtown Houston, TX. Each week I offer new postures and a continuous lecture on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Just show up, bring water, a mat, and a friend if you can! All ages and fitness levels are welcome. A participation waiver is to be signed before the class, no payment necessary but all donations help run and maintain the inspiring nonprofit park.

For more details please visit Discovery Green Conservancy