Lecture on Yoga at UT Health, School of Dentistry in Houston 10-7-2016

Pose: Mountain
Where: UT Health School of Dentistry, Houston, TX
Photo by Sarah G.
With gratitude, I was given the opportunity to lecture on my passion to the University of Texas Health, School of Dentistry (Houston's branch). Today I spoke for 50 minutes on Yoga, in a discourse I wrote called 'Introduction to Yoga' in which I covered all main aspects of 'Yoga' and 'Yoga Sadhana' (the discipline or practice). It was a pleasure and I will always remember this day. The audience was fantastic and participated in the meditative examples I shared.

It felt amazing to accomplish a goal that I have had for quite some time now, to lecture at schools on Yoga. If you or anyone you know is interested in having a Lecture on Yoga, the intro, or the practice, or even on meditation, please connect with me, I would love to share more discussions!

Next month (November 11, 2016) I will lead a physical Yoga class in a nearby building to continue their "Let's Get Moving Series". Stay tuned!

Thank you for the support! Please leave a comment! Namaste!