*Last Class* Hatha Yoga at Discovery Green Conservancy 12-31-2016

This past Saturday was our last class of the year and for the season here at Discovery Green Conservancy. Thank you to those who showed up, I was near the library behind the stage enjoying the rain. This was a great finish to a wonderful season, rain meditation. I did not read the Sutras allowed but here are the notes from the lessons:

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras covered, 2.19 and 2.20: In 2.19 Patanjali continues to give labels to the external world (the ‘seen’) by discussing the ‘gunas’ or the threefold aspects of nature. These properties are labeled as being unique, without differences, with a symbol, and without a symbol. Each aspect is revealed in deeper stages of consciousness (in the order listed) and he notes that consciousness itself has these 3 gunas. He is helping us to look beyond and through all aspects of the external or physical world so that we can locate and understand our true nature, which is not something we can see or properly describe with the intellect. Sutra 2.20 is a real treat. Here Patanjali brings us back to our direct goal, discovering our Self. He states that we are pure observer's (consciousness). Though we are pure, we are perceiving through the mind, our filter, and consciousness is intertwined with the body and mind, causing impurity. We must careful remove our (mental) obstacles that cover this purity.
We will resume classes in a few months, I will announce when we find out the date. I truly appreciate your dedication and time spent with me. Every class was an honor, especially being able to share the ancient practice and philosophy from our guru, Patanjali, through the Yoga Sutras.

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