Reflecting on 2016

2016 was personally, my best year yet. I am not speaking in terms of anything external, just my Self experience. 2016 was my strongest year physically and mentally. I have now been Vegan for well over a year and have not drank alcohol since January 1, 2015. This alone has made me more compassionate and allowed me to 'walk the walk' (and not just 'talk' about compassion).

 In 2016, I rode my bicycle to work every day. It has been years now of biking to work but did not skip one day over the past year. This helped me in so many ways. This was my meditation, my stress release, and physical purification. I am grateful and lucky to have been able to pedal every day, rain or shine, and it kept me in line with my goals.

 My body and mind feel light and more cleansed than ever before. I owe this to my strict diet and daily, multiple bicycle commutes, Yoga every day, daily foam rolling, and tri-weekly ball pilates classes. I have experienced more joy than ever before, living with my amazing girlfriend Andrea and our puppy 'Holly the Healer'. Seeing my parents every weekend at my Discovery Green Yoga classes has also been a huge highlight.

 Other highlights from 2016:

- Teaching wellness full time at 29 classes a week

- Teaching Yoga at Discovery Green

- Launched this website

- Started teaching Yoga to kids at a school on a regular basis

- Began managing the Hines Center for Spirituality and Prayer's Movement Studio

- Visited Teotihuacan in Mexico (and 2 other ancient pyramid sites)