'Yoga Introspection' Lecture #2! Plus: Yoga Sutras 2.20 and 2.21

Over the weekend I gave my second lecture 'Yoga Introspection' at the Hines Center for Spirituality and Prayer in downtown Houston. Thanks, to everyone who attended, including my parents!

I am extremely grateful to be able to share my passion for Yoga. Stay tuned for future dates of this lecture! I would love to represent it just about anywhere that is willing to host, schools, studios, even parks, let me know if you or anyone you know may have an interest in having me.

Lessons from my regular classes over the past 2 weeks:

Yoga Sutra 2.20 is a real treat. Here Patanjali brings us back to our direct goal, discovering our Self. He states that we are pure observer's (consciousness). Though we are pure, we are perceiving through the mind, our filter, and consciousness is intertwined with the body and mind, causing impurity. We must remove our (mental) obstacles that cover this purity.

Yoga Sutra 2.21 is amazing. Here Patanjali breaks all of life into 2 categories, which is very comforting, as we can tend to give labels and feelings to every single situation, here it is simplified into ‘cognizer’ and medium of cognition’. Basically, it is stated that everything is for consciousness to attain liberation. The consciousness (once embodied) explores the world and evolves with use, of the medium (material, physical world). This is the simplest way to break down life. Our purpose here is liberation, and when it is attained while still in the body (the goal of the Yogi) the medium dissolves or retires with the liberated consciousness.

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