Hatha Yoga at Discovery Green Conservancy 3-18-2017

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday's Hatha Yoga class at Discovery Green Conservancy!  I am extremely grateful for your participation and dedication.  Below are the summaries from this weeks Yoga Sutras...

Yoga Sutra 2.35:

Purify the mind, remove violent thoughts.  Patanjali states here that when one is firmly established in ahimsa (non-violence, peace, love) then hostility is abandoned in one's vicinity.  On a deeper note, this means to remove all disliking. This sutra also denotes that a 'plants only' lifestyle is the true yogi's way, for killing is prohibited in the code.

  • Further: Eating animals or using products that cause suffering and pain are to be avoided (not to mention the environmental implications of the animal industries). Even if we do not touch or participate in the activity of the killing, we are paying for it and the karma is still ours. Has a cow, chicken, pig, or fish (the main animals our culture consumes) ever harmed you? Why should we kill innocent lives?

Yoga Sutras 2.36 + 2.37:
The current mark in the Sutras represents the social code and fixed rules of the Yogi.  The previous Sutra discussed non-harm and removing hostility, now Patanjali furthers the code by adding truthfulness (2.36) and honesty (2.37).  It is of utmost importance that the Yogi ‘walks the walk’ and does not just discuss truth and honesty, but embodies these qualities, without needing a description or opinion from others.  After much practice and repetition of meditation, the ultimate truth can be known.  Once the truth is apparent, the Yogi should ‘walk’ with honesty and peace to all beings.

Thanks for the support, feel free to comment and share.  See you next week - Namaste!