Hatha Yoga at Discovery Green Conservancy 4-1-2017

Thanks for coming out to the park on Saturday April 1st! The weather was exceptional! So far, for 2017, it was our biggest turnout at over 100 yogis! Below are the notes for our meditation.

Yoga Sutra 2.42: As a part of the Niyamas (fixed rules), the yogi aspirant must practice physical cleanliness, mental cleanliness, and now in 2.42, contentment. One who is content experiences the higher consciousness in every situation. With contentment, happiness blossoms. Dissatisfaction must be resolved before one is able to enter meditation. If the mind is wavering and wandering, there will be no mental silence. To practice contentment, reflect on that which you are grateful for! Every time you catch yourself in a state of ‘disapproval’ redirect your thinking to what you appreciate. Make an honest effort to surpass that which is blocking your peaceful state.

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(psst... There's a little joke in the photo for April fools... comment if you found it!)