Hatha Yoga at Discovery Green Conservancy 4-8-2017

Thanks for coming to class on Saturday! The weather has been amazing for outdoor Texas Yoga, the way it should be! Everyone coming together to care for themselves is a beautiful thing. Below are the notes we covered on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali:

Sutra 2.43: Patanjali discusses the importance of austerities. With a strict application of purification, the body becomes fit for meditation. Heat (sun, fire, pranayama and mental one-pointedness) applied to the inside and outside of the body will burn away weakness. The aspirant must have a strong body to properly sustain meditation. For example, if the torso is weak, then the posture will not be comfortable for a prolonged period. We must exercise all of the trunk, including the back, obliques, and the abdominal muscles. Otherwise, how can we sit tall?!

Sutra 2.44: Observing the inner Self deepens our awareness (proprioception).

Sutra 2.45: Upon complete surrender one enters a tranquil trance. When we surrender, we let our guard down, we surpass our defensive side. After all, what are we defending? Our ego and who think we are according to the outside world? What is truly worth defending?

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