Hatha Yoga at Discovery Green Conservancy 4-15-2017

Thanks to everyone who attended Discovery Green Yoga, we had another crowd of 100+ It was truly an honor to deliver the philosophy from Sage Patanjali on yoga 'position'. Below are the notes we covered on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali:

Sutra 2.46: This is the first sutra in which Patanjali discusses asana. Asana in this context is to be ‘steady and comfortable’ in a seated position (lotus). Later on counter postures, re-balancing, and strength postures were added to the physical Yoga codex. Remember that each position or yoga asana is an opportunity for one to enter the meditative state. Avoid straining and forcing, go easy and check with yourself if in fact you are steady (ex. breath) and comfortable position, if you are having a hard time breathing, maybe you have gone too far into the posture. Can you remain 'steady and comfortable' in a 'stressful' posture (ex. plank)? How about during your daily actions?

Q: How many Yoga Postures are there?

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