Hatha Yoga at Discovery Green Conservancy 4-22-2017

HTX... Thanks for continuously joining our weekly Discovery Green Hatha Yoga class! After much repetition and concentration, Yoga becomes known. Making time for self-care is invaluable. Below are the notes we covered in class, my summary of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras...

Yoga Sutra 2.47: This is the second time Patanjali discusses physical position. Mastery of the asana (referring to seated meditation posture) comes from physical relaxation and by concentrating on the energy at the base of the spine, which in time, the practitioner awakens to move all the way to the crown of the head (through various techniques). This is referring to a branch called Kundalini Yoga, where one is meditating on the spinal energy centers to raise awareness. Remember, Patanjali is sharing Raja Yoga, which deals with taming the mind, so seated posture is all he practiced and taught. Master the seated position and Yoga will bloom.

Trivia:(1) How many Yoga postures are there?
(2) Which text revealed this?

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