Hatha Yoga at Discovery Green Conservancy 5-20-2017

Thanks for coming out to class yesterday, HTX. Join us next weekend (and every Saturday) at 9-10am, it's free! Just go, it will be worthwhile to wake up early on your weekend!

Yoga Sutra 2.51: Here Patanjali reveals the 4th state of Pranayama. The 3 parts accentuated in the previous sutra, the inhale, the retention, and the exhale, are combined seamlessly to become the 4th state of pranayama. At this point the practitioner is in perfect stillness mentally and nothing is disrupting the stream of breath. This one is very challenging to explain and practice, there is no pause as the continuous stream of prana fills the body.

Applying the Sutra: I advise you practice slowly breathing as to take fewer breaths per minute.

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