Houston Yoga - Discovery Green Hatha and Raja Yoga - Yoga at the Park 6-24-2017

#DiscoveryGreenYoga was really special this weekend.  The early crowd showed up before the rain came down, so we had a tight group on the stage, with just enough covering to enjoy it!  This group was certainly full of dedication, we stayed the whole time listening to the rain during our practice, and when we finished it calmed down.  Thank you for sticking it out!

Yoga Sutra 3.1 repeated with Four Chapters on Freedom: Commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: To progress into meditation, we must master concentration.  Pick one point of reference for the mind to hold onto.  This can be a thought, a visualization, object, or anything one chooses (either internal or external).  The key here is that once we hold our mind still, concentration (Dharana - the 6th limb of the 8), then over a period of time (without distraction), we enter into meditation (Dhyana - the 7th limb).

Applying the Sutra:  Concentrate on the easiest practice you can.  I prefer holding my mind strictly on my breathing or on my spine, this helps me to prolong my focus because the thought is simple to follow and to remember (when my mind fluctuates).  Do not get frustrated if you are unable to fix the mental point, just notice when you lose your point and return (again and again on repeat) to your intentional spot.  Continue this practice daily, and meditation will come.

Join us next weekend, and every Saturday, from 9 am to 10 am at Discovery Green!
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