I truly enjoyed Spring 2017, here are some highlights:

Roof-Top Yoga with the Hines Center: My first event like this, thanks to Karen, the interim director for thinking of it and for making it happen! Special thanks to Andrea and Brenda for trio teaching the class, the staff members who participated in setting up, and all of the amazing 50 people that showed up to practice. We are planning our next roof-top event soon!. Rise and Shine - Rooftop Yoga at the Hines Center | Downtown Houston | Free Yoga

My 30th Birthday Party at Govinda's Vegetarian Cuisine:
A deep thanks to everyone who came out, I love you all! This place is amazing, and it was even better with my friends and family there to enjoy it (their menu)!

Saturday Yoga Art Club + Kids Yoga: Following the roof-top class, The Hines Center resumed Saturday classes. I appreciate the opportunity to again teach there on the weekend, especially since the new classes I lead there are Yoga Art Club @11-11:50 am and Kids Yoga from 12-12:50 pm. Both of these classes are a blast! Send me for more details, first class is always free at the Hines Center. Join us for these classes every Saturday (we also offer a 9 am class and another Yoga class at 12-12:50 pm).

Became YMCA's Yoga Trainer: I became the first ever Yoga/relaxation trainer at the YMCA in downtown Houston! You can now sign up for private sessions with me that are aimed at training one to enter a relaxed state through a variety of techniques, which include (and not limited to) stretching, foam rolling, trigger point release with a lacrosse ball, breathing, and meditation. I'm honored to be in such a position.

UT Health Yoga Demo: Thanks to Sarah Galecki invitation, I presented a Yoga demonstration to a group of UT Health staff members and students. This is always fun because I am able to expose people to an ancient technique in my refined words. All of my experience and years practicing have given me a better vocabulary on how to reach first time practitioners, people who are looking for something new. Feel free to contact me for any demo or presentation in the future.

M.D. Anderson Demo Trigger Point Release Demo: I love teaching relaxation! In this demo, we covered the basic uses of the lacrosse ball and foam roller to release tight pressure points in the body. I do this every day in some way, if I'm sore or physically tense, I will handle it a.s.a.p.! Thanks, M.D. Anderson staff.

Kids Yoga at Metropolitan Montessori School in Downtown Houston:  One day, while teaching my 3-4-year-old students at MMS, the kids had demanded a handstand from me (as I had shown them before).  I gave in a showed them one, they were so excited and a bit too close to me so I quickly went up and couldn't hold it, then I came back down, took a breath and went back into it and held it for some time.  All of the kids were screaming with joy and laughing at the sight!  When I came down, one little boy, who took some time to warm up to me (always seemed a bit skeptical of the Yoga) said to me 'wow, you really believe in yourself' which surprised me, and I said 'I really do'.  That really lifted me up mentally to have that type of support from a youngster, and it was the first time, that I can remember, where someone had said that to me.  I do believe in myself and owe it to Yoga.

YMCA Meditation Classes: I'm honored to now be teaching meditation classes twice a week at the Tellepsen Downtown Family YMCA. In each session, we will explore a variety of meditation techniques, typically from the Yoga lineage, which will soothe the practitioner both physically and mentally. Join us every Tuesday and Friday at 10:35-11:05 am in the Yoga room.  Check the schedule here (YMCA Tellepsen classes), look for 'Nicholas'!

Yoga Sutras Lecture: 4-15-2017 I was invited to speak on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras to a group of Yoga teacher trainees as a part of their Yoga education. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I hold the sutras dear to me and I owe much of my wisdom to its' guidance. Anytime I can speak on Yoga, I will! It is beyond value. Special thanks to my friend Kristen (who opened her own studio first in Sugar Land, and now in Missouri City, TX) for following her dreams of opening her own space, please visit, it's wonderful and relaxing! She also has a unique schedule which no other studio has. Check out her site - New Age Yoga and Meditation.

***If you or anyone you know is interested in one of my presentations please send me! My lectures at the moment include these topics (all 60 minutes):
  • Yoga Introspection 
  • Introduction to Patanjali's Yoga Sutras 
  • Applying the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 
  • Physical practice of Yoga (the key points) 
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