What the Health - The Most Important Documentary of All Time.

If you ever watch anything again on a screen, make sure it's this movie.  This is THE most important documentary of the century, in fact, of all time.  It is of utmost importance to understand perspective, and this film will RAISE your awareness.

If you are interested in Yoga, and in fact practice Yoga, you will understand how crucial this really is.  I cannot recommend it enough.

Please watch this and let me know what you think (it is currently on Netflix).

  • 'What the Health' is the best documentary on Netflix, in fact, 'What the Health' is the best movie on Netflix, ever.  THANK YOU, Netflix for adding it to your collection AND a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in the filming and production of this movie.

If you need any advice on what to do after watching this video, please ask me, I am experienced in the topic.  Additionally, Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life is an extremely helpful book for this discussion and is what I read when I decided to go vegan almost 2 years ago.  Additionally, please watch Cowspiracy, a film by the same directors, which is equally important.  Check here for other recommended videos.

#GoVegan #Vegan #PlantsOnly #IDoNotEatMyFriends #AnimalsAreNotFood #EatPeace #EatGoodKarma #KillingAnimalsIsAlwaysBadKarma #Ahimsa #NonViolence

Comments or Questions?  Please share this and help spread awareness.


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