Buffalo Bayou Partnership Rooftop Yoga Event on 7-13-2017

On July 13th, I had the honor of teaching the first ever Rooftop Yoga class at the Sunset Coffee Building, in downtown Houston, TX!  Upon rolling up to the event on my bicycle, I noticed a huge storm cloud just overhead and felt drops!  Just after I locked up my bike, a typical, random, Houston style downpour swept over the building.  People started coming in the soaking wet!  We were unable to use the rooftop space so we moved inside to our second spot.  When plans change, roll with it!  It was quite magical, the sound of the rain is always soothing and is helpful for meditation.  This was a one of a kind type of situation and class, I thank all of the attendees and event planners that made this happen.

This was the first event of its type put on by the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, follow up with their website and social media to find their next class!

Lastly, special thanks to the Hines Center for Spirituality and Prayer for allowing me to represent their amazing organization.  Please check their website for the weekly schedule, classes, and special events (the first class is always free)!

Next weekend, on July 29th, 2017, I will be leading the Hines Center's 4th rooftop class - specifically, Rooftop Yoga!  Join us!  Please sign up online through the website!

Stay turned for the next event!
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