Houston Yoga - Discovery Green Hatha and Raja Yoga - Yoga at the Park 7-15-2017 *Leaving HTX in August*

On Saturday I announced, with a heavy heart, that I will be leaving Houston to pursue my dream of living close to nature.  My last day to teach at Discovery Green will be Saturday, August 12th.  #DiscoveryGreenYoga has been my favorite class for years now and it is hard to leave

Yoga Sutra 3.3: The final limb is revealed! Samadhi is the 8th of the 8 limb process for the Yogi. Samadhi occurs in this order, first one holds the mind on one single point (the 6th limb - Dharana - Concentration), after a period of time without distraction one enters meditation (the 7th limb - Dhyana - meditation), from that state comes Samadhi (the 8th limb), where the object of meditation alone is held in the consciousness. This is a deep state in which the Yogi is not aware of their own Self nor that they are practicing Yoga at all, the object of meditation is only known. This state is beyond the meditator's own Self-image or recollection. This is very advanced and cannot be known through reading about it, practice meditation with an extreme emphasis on holding the mind on one point, fix the mind firmly.

Applying the Sutra: Repeat your mental gaze on your object of choice. If you are meditating on a symbol, have the image in front of you and stare at it with the eyes open, then close the eyes and hold the frequency of the object in the center of the skull. Repeat this over and over, the image can be a simple as a perfect circle and advanced as sacred geometry. Continue on the path!

Join us next weekend, and every Saturday, from 9 am to 10 am at Discovery Green!
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