Houston Yoga - Discovery Green Hatha and Raja Yoga - Yoga at the Park 8-5-2017

Thanks for coming to class last Saturday, August 5th!  I only have one more class @DiscoveryGreen before I move to Boulder Colorado. It has been an honor to share Yoga with all of you, thank you!  See you on Saturday for my last #DiscoveryGreenYoga class in Houston, come out!

Yoga Sutra 3.6: Thus far, we have practiced holding the mind still on the chosen content of meditation. If one applies Samaya (concentration, meditation, and Samadhi) on anything, one comes to find the deepest truth. This is intense focus without distraction, where everything else fades away and only the object is known by consciousness.

Applying the Sutra: Since the practice is to hold the mind steady, I can recommend you take up drawing or some type of art.  Make your art simple and readily available, concentrate on the details and cultivate the experience of steady focus.  Set a timer for your art, 15-45 minutes a few times a week.  Do not worry about the result of the art, but instead remember the act of fixing the mind.

Join us next weekend, and every Saturday, from 9 am to 10 am at Discovery Green!
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