LAST CLASS IN HOUSTON! - Discovery Green Hatha and Raja Yoga - Yoga at the Park 8-12-2017

This was my last #DiscoveryGreenYoga class!  Thank you all so much for the years of support and dedication, it has meant so much to me, far beyond words and feelings.  It has been such an honor to stand up in front of you all and share Yoga, the most advanced system/state humanity can know.  If ever you have a question about Yoga please reach out to me, I will still be connected, just not in Houston.  I have setup in Boulder, Colorado, following my dream, where I am now typing this.  I hope all of you continue to support and build the community in Houston @DiscoveryGreen.  You are missed!  I have much more to say but it will come at another time.  Thank you all, may peace be upon you.

Yoga Sutra 3.7:  Here, Patanjali expands that the trinity (known as the state of Samaya mentioned in 3.4 through 3.6 - meaning concentration, meditation, and samadhi, together) are the internal disciplines. Thus, the first 5 limbs are external and the final 3 are internal. The 5th limb (Pratyahara) is the threshold between the external and internal world. Our deeper levels of consciousness are developed only through the internal phase of practice.

Yoga Sutra 3.8:  And now... We are given the highest state of Yogic wisdom known in Sanskrit as Nirbeeja Samadhi. Nirbeeja means ‘without seed’. This is the most advanced state mentioned thus far and is basically meditation so deep that there is no content at all, nothing, the void, only pure consciousness shines.

Applying the Sutra: Reflect on all of the 8 limbs, refine each one, and repeat the steps that are not mastered, go slowly, and look within, over and over again. You are peace.

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