Making Sense of the Vegan Lifestyle (Q&A)

My friend, Vegan Strong-Man Kyle, at Plant-Based Strength, asked me some questions about being Vegan and what my journey looked like. Click the image to see my answers to the Vegan Q & A:

Kyle's website is one of the best resources for Plant-Based Vegan knowledge. Have you considered being Vegan but are lacking evidence and guidance? Check it out and let us know what you think!

To clarify as some may not know this, a Vegan does not eat animals or animal products, none, nada. A Plant-Based Diet means you only eat Plants but does not necessarily include all other ways animals are used, such as leather and feather, basically ANY animal products, for any use. Mostly, these lifestyles go hand in hand and are obvious, but some people are only eating Plant-Based for health benefits. I consider my self both Vegan and Plant-Based for all of the reasons, health, environment, and morals. A modern Yogi is both Vegan and Plant-Based.

Are you Vegan? What's your story?