I have officially released the first part of my 3 part Family Yoga Game, YOGIS GAME Nature Deck!

YOGIS GAME Nature Deck Box

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YOGIS GAME engages creativity and promotes mind-body awareness with physical movements. The whole family will benefit from playing this game together and is an excellent tool for any school teachers, child care providers, and Yoga instructors!

What inspired me to create the game? After a decade of leading kids Yoga sessions, I decided to create a game to play with the kids so that they could better understand Yoga and to have fun with it. First I created 2 hand-drawn versions of the game on scrap paper, which worked wonders in my kid's classes with over 2 years of test playing where student participation and enthusiasm increased dramatically, and have now reached my dream by creating a fun and simple version for all to play and share! I even designed the box, cards, and rules!

Stay tuned for the next 2 releases, YOGIS GAME Pose Builder Deck and YOGIS GAME Yoga Pose Deck

YOGIS GAME NAtue Deck Card Back Preview

Please note: Each game is printed by the Game Crafter in the USA (as of now, you can only order it from their site) and is shipped directly to your address! Currently, there is a shipping fee, and because each game is printed-on-demand it can take more time than what you may be used to for arrival.

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