Announcing YOGIS GAME Pose Builder Deck (part 2 of 3)!

Thank you all for the support and feedback on my first Yoga Game release, YOGIS GAME Nature Deck, today I am releasing the second part, YOGIS GAME Pose Builder Deck! Check it out here!

YOGIS GAME Pose Builder Deck's cards give specific details for movements and positions to create and build your own Yoga postures! There is more critical thinking and problem-solving in this deck! This game can be played by itself or in combination with YOGIS GAME Nature Deck (the 3rd release will also be playable with both previous decks for added fun)!

Check out the card back design and the box!

 Here are versions 1 and 2 side-by-side! Visit my page on The Game Crafter to see both releases! Version 3, Yoga Pose Deck will release next, keep an eye out for it!

Take a look at the E-Rule Book on my other site:
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