UPDATE: YOGIS GAME Achievement March 2021

 Dear Friends, Family, and Community,

Firstly, thank you all for the support and feedback with my latest Yoga projects known as YOGIS GAME (YG)! The project has meant so much to me and I have recently met one of the most important goals and I want to share it with you. 

YOGIS GAME All-In-One Box on top of the YOGIS GAME Yoga Pad!

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YOGIS GAME Achievement:

The main purpose of this site, Yogi Sense, is to share and spread Yoga by providing free resources to everyone. After some years of running this site, I decided to move forward with the creation of my Yoga Game, YG, to teach others while I am not with them physically. The goal of YG is to make Yoga more accessible, and so far, it works great! With all of that being said, I accomplished one of my most important goals, getting YG into schools... and now it is! We gifted a copy to our kiddos Montessori school (grades 1-3 are currently using it). The teachers have been using it regularly in their morning movements and with their anxiety reduction practices. We had a digital parent-teacher conference on Wednesday this week and the teacher thanked us and told us how great it has been having YG in class. She said the kids love it and they are very enthusiastic about the Yoga pose cards they use (they are playing the Yoga Pose deck mostly - YG3).

This news really made my week! A simple dream turns into reality and YG is now used as intended. YG is really for everyone, but it works wonders with a group of kids. My next goal is to have an entire school district using YG in their classrooms and or libraries to help the kids begin their day in a positive and healthy way.

In summary, I am looking for more small victories like this! Do you know any schools, teachers, communities, or centers that would be interested in utilizing YG? Please let me know or send them the link directly to www.YogisGame.com!

Have you tried YG? If so, please leave a review at the bottom of this page, thank you so much!