Yoga Pose: Toe Stand - During my stay in Tamil Nadu, India (Photograph by Sean Ebsworth Barnes)

The goal of Yoga is a state of perfect stillness, both physically and mentally (called Samadhi), where union occurs with supreme consciousness. Let us consider Yoga not to be postures and breathing techniques, but simply the means by which the soul is liberated. This site and my work are dedicated to sharing Yoga for the progress and evolution of mankind and the spirit of the world. Recently, I moved from Houston to Colorado, to pursue my dream of living closer to nature where I will continue to spread Yoga and well-being full-time.

My regular schedule includes formats such as Hatha and Raja Yoga, Kids Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, 'Stretch and Flex', and 'Foam Rolling' classes ranging from 30, 45, and 60-minute sessions. These classes are for all ages and modified for any fitness level.

In this fast-paced culture, I thoroughly enjoy teaching others the benefits of relaxation and meditation. I am beyond grateful to teach and am honored to share these gifts with all of you. My intention in launching this site is to spread and teach Yoga across the world from my home studio. Please see my Classes page to further understand my message and Yoga.

Online Interview
In June 2015 Discovery Green Conservancy asked me a few questions regarding Yoga. The following link will show you the article including my responses which are labeled 'N:'
Online Interview for Discovery Green Conservancy

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