Yogi Sense Online Yoga Live Class Schedule
Namaste! Below is the current class schedule for Nicholas @ Yogi Sense. Please click on the classes to see the details. Please acknowledge that these classes are physical and you must have clearance from your physician to participate in exercise programs. Please read and acknowledge the following BEFORE participating in or attempting any content share on this site: Waiver and Release. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

All classes listed below are donation based. Donations accepted via PayPal, use this link: Donate to Yogi Sense. Thank you so much!

Short Clips
3 Best Stretches and Mobility Warm-Up. This 5-minute video shows my preferred technique to prepare my body and mind for day to day activities. I do this daily, there are countless ways to approach this by modifying the movements to suit your needs.

Free Full Yoga Classes
Enjoy this series of 4 full Yoga classes at Discovery Green Conservancy.

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