Below are reviews from some of my students:

Jay Mamadou Ndiaye:
     "I am sending this message to thank the Downtown Houston YMCA and to recognize a high performing Yoga/Pilates teacher, Nicholas Auger.  Nicholas has been and continues to be a great Yoga teacher, a Master with a lot of knowledge, experience, and practice.  I admire his patience to communicate, teach, and share.  His lessons and classes are life-changing events for students like me.  These words are only a fraction of his noble teachings.  Most importantly, these words come from the bottom of my heart and just translate the truth of his teachings.  A BIG thank you, Namaste."


Mireille S.:
     "Thank you for helping me in surviving the 'wild west' by bringing tranquility and balance into my life.  Your yoga lessons were very essential for me and I'm sure I'll miss these moments of inner blissfulness.  Take care & Namaste."


Victoria R.:
     "This morning was a smooth & effortless class because the instructor offered so much comfortability. I enjoyed Nicholas Auger's session & felt very capable in my abilities & plan on returning. Hopefully, I can encourage others to join me as well 😊."

     "Nicholas's Yoga class is a morning oasis of body, mind, and health.  He is a treasure."

From Rick Anewlin:
     "I started yoga in 2011 when my doctor suggested I start some form of physical activity. Because I had a severe case of sciatica, I decided to try yoga. Slowly, I started getting better. Nicholas was one of my first teachers and still is. He is a great instructor. He varies the routines from week to week and always carefully observes the students in his class to make sure they are not doing any damage to themselves. I am totally pain-free at this point, feel great and my posture is much improved. Thanks to yoga and Nicholas!"

Scot Citek:
    "I have really enjoyed coming to your yoga classes at the Y over the years. There are so many things about your classes and you which keep me (and the many, many others who consistently fill your classes) coming back. Most recently, the readings from the yoga sutras bring something to the practice which I haven't really received from other instructors. While a few instructors occasionally touch on some of the aspects of yoga philosophy and meditation, you bring so much more to the practice. I have read a few yoga and meditation books on my own over the years, but your readings bring more understanding and also help to renew my focus which tends to get off track frequently. Thank you for deepening our understanding of yoga and meditation and for bringing that very important part of yoga back to classes! You have a great style of teaching the asanas as well which makes the practice stress-free, fun, enjoyable, and accessible and inviting to all skill levels. Above all, you can tell that you truly enjoy and care about what you do, and it makes a huge difference. Keep up the good work! You rock!"

Madison McMenemy:
    "I first attended Nick’s pilates class based on a recommendation from a friend. She told me, 'If you’re looking for a complete workout, this guy is it!' I had tried numerous classes with various instructors (barre, Zumba, water aerobics, etc.) and Nick’s is far and away the best. That first class was such a challenge, even the second… But his enthusiasm for teaching, his great instruction, and his approachability are infectious. It is very refreshing to see an instructor so thoroughly enjoying his own class! Since starting with him, I’ve noticed improved posture, core strength, and energy in myself. Nick builds on each class, adding or enhancing movements, so I feel improvement and familiarity while also staying challenged. Thank you so much, Nick!"

From Maureen Aliru:
     “I have attended Nick's classes consistently for the past 7 month or so, which is quite a feat. The last time I worked out this regularly was during my time running track in a high school. Although the class is structured for different levels of training, Nick offers variations for the exercises that are tailored for the whole spectrum or trainees, from beginners to experts. The fact that he changes up the routines for different classes definitely introduces variety and allows for different ways to work out the muscles groups. I find this much more effective for me as it allows me to push myself and break out of the mundane attitude that I have developed while attending other classes in the past. This is probably one of the biggest reasons I have returned. His enthusiasm, professionalism, and extensive knowledge has set the pace for me to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Since attending his class, I have unquestionably improved my strength (especially core!), flexibility, control and precision of movements. I have also noticed that I am able to perform other workouts with more ease, so I can't wait to see how much more I will improve! Bottom line: Nick is amazing and I would recommend him without reservation!”

From Jen Rogers:
     "I attend the downtown YMCA and frequently bring my preschool son to participate in Nicholas’ yoga class there. I have been so impressed by the progress he’s made in and the pleasure he’s derived from the class that it peaked my curiosity and I started walking by to observe. I was and am consistently surprised by the positive, focused, productive environment Nick creates and the way he is able to keep the kids engaged in such a disciplined and difficult activity. My son Ryan not only does the poses in class but remembers them and practices outside of class too! Nick helps him to really feel his successes, and because of this, he wants to continue.
     The ability to make an activity like Yoga interesting and accessible to such young children is, in my experience, a rare gift. My commendations for Nick are not just personal but professional as well. I have a Master’s degree in Psychology which includes an emphasis on “marriage and family therapy” (this is the track which includes child psychology and counseling). I have worked with children in therapy and understand the difficulties of keeping their attention engaged and of communicating in a way they understand. I think Nick possess a natural talent for this along with an innate understanding that children’s physical and psychological needs and abilities are very different from adults. There are a surprising number of people—even among those who study the subject—who struggle to grasp the particular and often peculiar nuances of children’s age-specific mental and physical processes…and then there are folks like Nick who just intuitively “get it”.
     As an example: In conjunction with therapeutic work with children, I participated in an enrichment program in a charter school in downt
own Philadelphia which included yoga as one of the activities the kids could learn. I watched yoga instructor after yoga instructor struggle and fail (and ultimately give up) trying to communicate the disciplined ideas and practices of yoga to a much older and more capable audience than the one Nicholas succeeds with! So, when I observed his success and how simple he makes it seem I was so surprised and impressed that I had to point out to him what a remarkable thing he was so effortlessly accomplishing! Some people just possess an organic ability to adapt to the needs of their audience or class (or wherever they may be) and to ensure success for different populations in changing environments…I think Nicholas will be successful with whatever he sets his mind to because of this."

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