'Courageous Heart' and seated Hatha Yoga postures 8-28-2016

A few poses from this weeks sequence...

  • 'Archer's Boat' - Work your core stability with this fun and challenging posture!  Enter this posture from boat.
  • 'Side and Twisted Pigeon' - A great hip opener which offers plenty variations.  Enter this posture from seated butterfly, lean to one side and bring the opposite leg around.
  • 'Floating Butterfly' - A pristine meditative posture!  Bring the feet and knees off of the floor, then lean back... Classic!
  • 'Courageous Heart' - Notes below...

A special note on the hand positions.  This is called a 'mudra' or 'intentional hand position', basically asana for the hands.  This allows the practitioner to engage and, or release tension in the fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms.

Currently, my favorite mudra is called 'Abhaya Hridaya,' a.k.a. 'Courageous Heart' (noted in the image above, bottom right).  For the first few times you will be working your brain and coordination.  Give it a try?

I prefer to practice almost every pose with a mudra, namely 'Chin Mudra' (index and thumb together), which is also shown in the image above (notice the 'Side Pigeon' and 'Twisted Pigeon' hand placement).

Mudra allows one to hold their attention on each part of the asana thus completing the pose (advised for keeping the mind steady during practice).

What do you think?  Leave a comment!  Thanks for the support.