Floating Frog, Seated Triangle Balance, One Arm Reverse Plank 9-19-2016

A few Yoga postures from my classes last week...

  • 'Seated Triangle Balance' - Start in a wide-leg seated position, bring one hand in between the legs and the other under the shoulder, lean way forward and lift the hips off of the ground. Once enough weight is in the front hand, lift the other arm up and reach forward!
  • 'Floating Frog' - While in seated butterfly, lean forward and press into the hands... Now lift your hips! 
  • 'One Arm Reverse Plank' - Same setup as 'Seated Triangle Balance' except in this pose, lift the hand between the legs and keep the supporting arm under your shoulder socket.

Before attempting any of these poses make sure you are warmed up and please go very slowly into each one of these. Make sure you do both sides to balance yourself out!

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