'Yoga and the Body' Presentation and Lecture at UT Health in Houston, TX 11-11-2016

On this past Friday I gave my second lecture for my Yoga series titled 'Yoga and the Body' which covered key points to the physical practice and experience. I am honored to have been invited to share my passion with the students and teachers at UT Health in Houston, TX.
 Over my 50 minute presentation we practiced and discussed:
  • Why Asana is important
  • How Asana progressed over time
  • Reciprocal Inhibition
  • Golgi Tendon Organ
  • Muscle Spindle Cells
  • Timing and Breath
  • Mudra
  • Meditation
Thank you to all who attended and everyone involved in setting up the session. I'm looking forward to my next lecture! Namaste!