Hatha Yoga at Discovery Green Conservancy 5-13-2017

Thanks for coming to class yesterday morning at Discovery Green Conservancy! The weather was perfect for the practice. Join us next weekend (and every Saturday) at 9-10am, it's free! Just go, it will be worthwhile to wake up early on your weekend!

Yoga Sutra 2.50: This is the second verse in which Patanjali discusses Pranayama (lengthening the breath or life through control, retention, and repetition). Here he gives the timing and place for the breathing cycles, with emphasis on regulating the inhale, retention, and exhale for as long and comfortable as possible. Timing is used in a variety of ways to regulate such as watching the clock, counting mentally, using a metronome , or instructed from a teacher. Location depends on the season and environment, one must be comfortable physically.

Applying the Sutra: I advise you explore timing techniques and places that are the most effective for your Pranayama rounds. Make a place in your home that is cozy for these practices, this will constantly remind you of your peace and sadhana (practice).

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