Hatha Yoga at Discovery Green Conservancy on 5-27-2017

Thanks for coming to class on this past Saturday! Join us next weekend (and every Saturday) at 9-10am, it's free! Just go, it will be worthwhile to wake up early on your weekend!

Yoga Sutras 2.52 + 2.53: Mastery of Patanjali’s pranayama leads to knowledge of the subtler energies in and around the body. The brain begins to surpass the regular mental state of existence and enters into a deeper psychic passage. Once pranayama is mastered, the aspirant becomes fit for holding the mind still, entering deeper concentration. These are the last two verses on breathing, next comes the fifth limb of eight, pratyahara (sense withdrawal)... Stay tuned for next weeks reading!

Applying the Sutra: Make time for your breathing practice. Sit still for 5-30 minutes at least once a day and practice lengthening the breath. Enter your relaxed state so that the body, mind, and breath are all at ease.

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