Houston Yoga - Discovery Green Hatha and Raja Yoga - Yoga at the Park 7-1-2017

Thanks again Houston for making Saturday my favorite day of the week. I appreciate you joining the community at our beloved downtown park. It takes dedication to form positive habits and this class certainly promotes a weekly routine.

Yoga Sutra 3.2:  Finally, we have arrived at meditation (Dhyana)! This is the 7th limb of the 8 limb process, mediation, the first time the process is mentioned in depth. Meditation occurs in progression after having mastered concentration (6th limb, Dharana), which is to hold the mind still on one point or thought without distraction. Mediation is the higher form of concentration but the difference is that when you are steady and fixed on your mental point, in mediation, you are aware at the same time that you are in fact practicing meditation, otherwise we may slip away and lose concentration.

Applying the Sutra:  Continue with focusing on your breath with all of your attention while at the same time be aware that you are practicing meditation with intention.  Repeat this over and over again without counting your distractions or attempts, meditation will come steadily in time.

Join us next weekend, and every Saturday, from 9 am to 10 am at Discovery Green!
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