YOGIS GAME 3 Revealed and ready to play! 9-1-2020

Dear Friends and Family,

I am so excited to announce that YOGIS GAME 3, Yoga Pose Deck, is now published and ready to play! Are you ready for the third and final deck of the YOGIS GAME Trilogy? The cards in YOGIS GAME 3 (YG3) have 54 actual Yoga Pose pictures with the pose names, performed, photographed, and edited by yours truly! This game has been in the works for years now and I am thrilled to share it with the world! The purpose of this trilogy is to share Yoga with all ages. Get your copy here!


Each deck in the YG Trilogy is unique and they can all be played on their own or by combining the decks! This deck is special compared to the first two. You can use this game as a Yoga Pose codex and one person can practice these poses daily! For additional information on YOGIS GAME visit my other site: www.YogisGame.com and please follow YOGIS GAME on FaceBook!

Thank you all for the support along the way! Stay tuned for what's next...!

- Nicholas Auger